Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Overdue Update

Eeek! Sorry I didn't update last week! I kinda was hoping I'd do a lot more pictures last week and I ended up kinda putting off posting until I thought I had a nice "batch" of pictures to post. Eh. Well, I only have three to show for the two weeks I haven't posted, but I also did a lot of comics at AntiSocial Commentary as well.

On to the doodles!

I love this one! I did this for the anthrosketchxchnge on ElJays, and we had to include a frog this month for a conservation project. I got a tiger chimera character that enjoyed exploring the woods and creeks...and then this Calvin and Hobbes-ish idea popped into my head. :D I didn't get the style perfect, I got carried away with the background (my brushpen died soon after I did this) and didn't leave as much white as Watterson would've, but I guess it's good I let some of my own artistic tendencies shine through. :) Oh, and since so many people got confused, the colours are digital media (Photoshop.) I used a paper texture on on top of the colours to make it look organic. :)

Ratties! Mostly for Olly R, but I actually do have quite a love for rodents, especially mice and rats. Blame it on a childhood spent reading books like Poppy, The Witches, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, etc. The top sketches were done based off of photos to get a feel for a REAL rat's facial shape, and I realized in the process that the people who designed Remy in Ratatouille weren't veering too far off into stylization when you're considering he's a blue rat. :D (I love that movie, too.) Down at the bottom are doodles of Olly's character Shamy, also just to get a feel for him. I tried a full-body yesterday and kinda failed. :(

Vinci and Arty fanart done during this Sunday's "Ask Arty" show for the artjam. So I did this probably in like, a half hour or so, shading and all, so don't crit too hard. Anyway, a piece of pretty acoustic guitar music was played and we had to draw what came up in our heads. There were no words, and so my mind defaulted to what I usually think of when I think of pretty acoustic guitar music: nature, forests, fall, and lurve. I didn't have to draw Vinci and Arty, but I drew them because at the time I was taking a break from drawing a bunch of my own comics and as I said at the Cakepieces community: "I'm sick of drawing my own stinkburgers."

Lotsa treeeeees in this update. Okay, two pictures with trees. Bite me. :b

I shall return!

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