Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Updating for the heck of it

Um...I've been putting off updating because I haven't felt like I've had anything really good to show...then an entire month went by. Um. Oops. So I'll show you what I do have. It's

I did a guest strip for the wonderful comic Count Your Sheep which can be viewed here. (No, not my best drawing or inking ever.) I really love that strip, I really do, and I ended up doodling Lillian and Ship having a little run-in in which Lillian can't resist quoting her favourite fellow living robot. And Ship isn't pleased. As to why Lillian can see Ship...uh...she's alive by mage-magic and CYS has hinted Ship's existence has to do with something fantastic (just what, we don't know) and Lillian should be able to see other magically created beings. Or something. Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Commissioned sketch for Kixota and her sweetheart, who have really awesome designs and were really fun to draw. Not much else more to say about it than I miss having the physical sketch already.

You can't keep a good geek down
No, you can't keep a good geek down
I've been bullied around
Shoved to the ground
I tried a life of coolness
But preferred my Trekkie friends

Art for a possible icon of me and Pan, 'cause Pan has Lillian+Pan=BFF icons and I don't. :( I don't know how well this will translate to 100 x 100, but I'll have a cute picture, anyway, if it doesn't finish.

Speaking of ADGTH...

Guess what character I like.

I mean, really, really like.
These are all really loose and not all that good, but they have character and I think they have a charm to them. Since they're not directly referenced (in fact, the second page was drawn while waiting in a McDonald's in Wal-Mart!) they're a bizarre love child of Bluth and my style, and to be honest I rather wish I can get it perfect, but I suppose I should be happy I'm keeping my style and am keeping Charlie more on-model than the people who did ADGTH2 did. (When buying my ADGTH2 cel, I was VERY picky. I got the one I felt captured the original style most, but I still miss those "moles" on his cheeks and the wrinkles on his nose.)

And my own German Shepherd, Josh, who thankfully can not be mistaken for a Charlie clone. (Although Jerry, my coyote, if drawn in the right style, can, hee.) I think people misinterpret Josh in ASC a lot. He really is a good guy, and even kind of simple. He was thrust into his "landlord" role by his parents who are kind of pushing him into a career of business that he never really showed interest in. Not that he showed interest in any career, he was one of those well-to-do kids who just did whatever mommy and daddy told him was good for him. Who knows what he would've done if he was allowed to pursue whatever interests he wanted to. For some reason I imagine him being the school's quarterback.

Also, I'd like to note that my comic is probably the comic with the most characters that are not a perfect body shape. Ron is dumpy, Josh has a paunch, Dr. David Macaulky, who we'll see soon, is a rather tubby Australian roboticist, Lillian is as Dakota made her (and THAT is rather round) and Syd, who is at a healthy weight, still has quite the figure. Mainly because I like my females to have HIPS, darnit!

Okay that was a weird ramble, but it's been on my mind.

That's all for now. Remember folks: Be excellent to each other.