Sunday, March 9, 2008

Another Overdue Update

I got a handful of pictures here, so let's get down to the brass tracks, eh?

My picture for Thrivis for this month's anthrosketchxchnge. Another one? Yep. I'm fond of this one, myself. Much less busy and such. And the colours are nice. I'm reading for spring, yus.

My finished Flash-only commission for C Eagle. Sweet and simple also. And also full of purplish-blue. Huzzah.

Ickle baaaaaaaaaaaby Dakota. Awwwwww. I started this last year, but never finished until now, for some reason only known to ancient astronauts, because I love this drawing very much.

I dunno if my bestester friend Ly watches my art blog, but the majority of these drawings are of him/for him. More stealing Bluth style, but this time because All Dogs Go To Heaven is his favourite movie, and when we used to talk, every time I'd mention pizza he'd yell "UNCLE CHARLIE, PIZZA!" He's been wanting some sort of icon for a while, but couldn't think of what, and I ended up deciding a pizza icon would rock. I also did some other doodles of him in Bluth style (the sadfaced one sucks) and an actual Charlie snuck in at the bottom. I actually really like that little doodle.

Remember last entry I said I tried to do a full-body picture of Oly RRR's Shamy, and failed? Well I tried again, and was fairly successful this time! Yay.

After finishing the ickle hatchling Dakota, I wanted something to draw the rest of the night, and I had the thought, "What if Dakota was a lanky teen before he filled out into the big fluffy gryphon he was today?" And so I started this drawing. The only major difference I see in this is that he really needs to grow into his crest and he doesn't have the rather robust neck and chest that he has as an adult, but I had second thoughts about the "lanky" thing when I considered the build of cougars (Dakota's feline half.) I figure his wings would also have to be a bit bigger, or at least the primaries, as sort of "trainer's feathers" like in real raptors. (Why does Firefox spellcheck tell me "raptors" isn't a word?)

I like drawing feathers.

WOOO. Long post. Until we meet again, wave your freak flag high!

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