Friday, October 3, 2008

Lots 'o' bots

Um...I have to admit I'm mainly just updating to prove I'm alive blog-wise. I just don't have my scanner in my possession, so I can't scan things anytime I want to. That and aside from commissions, I'm really unmotivated art-wise. BUT HERE'S SOME STUPIDS FOR YOU.

WIP of a parody of Normal Rockwell's "Triple Self Portrait" with everybody's electronic artist, Lillian. Obviously I've finished some areas, some are unfinished. Tried to involve most major aspects of Lillian that shows up in ASC: Ron, Benny, a Mudkip, the photo of herself with Dakota, her picture of herself with Johnny 5, and the coyote in the photo above that one is of Alicia, who she knew back when she lived in Dakota. More on her later.

The only real reason I scanned this is a) the text and b) Hobbes!Jerry down at the bottom explaining why I'm too lazy to finish the drawing. And noticing that she looks unlike a canine. And yes, in the Short Circuit universe, the sun DOES rise in the west! My brain is full of useless facts like that.

I think, besides the "Triple Self Portrait" drawing, that this is the only drawing worthwhile in this post. Jerry sighs and wonders when I'll pay attention to her and stop drawing robots.


WOW IS THERE A THEME TO THIS POST OR WHUT? Actually, I just drew all these today while running errands. All I had was a blank divider in my notebook and a ballpoint pen and...I drew. I mostly scanned this because it amused me when the person driving me around and helping me with my errands noticed at the end "It's amazing that two hours ago that was a blank page." This is just whatever popped into my head. So this gives you a good idea what floats around in my head. Johnny hearts you, Dakota's staring into space, LENS-A, my WALL-E RP character, can't overtly show her displeasure, but most certainly has some, and WALL-E...I didn't get to finish that one. He's just being cute and suprised like he always is.
I need to stop drawing that one certain robot....>.>


Thursday, June 19, 2008

The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrreee's Jerry!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy, stressed, and working on things that cannot be shown online. Whoops!

Yuki DeKay, a sort of wolfish raccoon thing, for this month's anthrosketchxchnge. She's loud, obnoxious, likes steampunk, and carries a big bloodied bat. What's not to like?

Last sketchbook page for my current sketchbook. Lillian and J5 kinda being...fabulous. Iffin you know what I mean. ;) Why do I torture myself trying to draw J5? I don't knooooooooow. 'Cause drawing complex mechanics is out of my comfort zone and drawing dumb fanart is the only way you can really convince me to do it?

More Dakotaness. Intended to be part of a new LiveJournal userinfo page. INVISIBLE LILLIAN.

Okee mostly the rest of the sketches were done while in St. Louis with my friend Tsunami-Ryuu.

Tsu and I went to the STL Science Center, and they had an exhibit on animatronic movie critters. (ONLY critters, no robits. :( ) We spent the time oohing and awwing and wondering why people would rather do CGI nowadays. Animatronics are SO much cooler. Anyway, they had a werewolf from a movie that apparently died in production, and we got to talking about what would make a good movie werewolf, because while we didn't like the "noble werewolf" furries did, we didn't really like old movie werewolves that looked like bears, or, honestly, really hairy guys. So when heading back to her apartment and I was hanging in her car while she ran an errand, I tried to do my own werewolf. Still very close to a "noble werewolf", but darnit, I like werewolves that look like, well, WOLVES, but I tried to add a more human-like cranium and such.

Don't ask about the pose. Uh...when I draw a werewolf type critter I never know what to do with their "hands". :|

I spent a lot of time at the STL Zoo. Two afternoons, actually. These are obviously ballpoint pen drawings of their birds. Nothing too great, birds are notoriously hard to life draw, but I'll show them anyway. I liked the vulture. He was the only guy who just SAT there for me. Except his head. His head was a typical bird head goin' all around.

(Oh yeah and at the very top those were some cheetahs that were too far away for me to make any real good drawings of.)

Trying to learn what a real wolf looks like. Tsu had a nice coffee table book on wolves so I took it as an opportunity to do some reference sketches. YES THEY ARE PHOTO REFERENCED. And the bottom page of drawings still sucks despite being photo referenced. (Althuogh I like the bottommost study of the wolf face. Trying to learn how the fur lays.) Oh yeah, and there is a coyote in there, GUESS WHICH ONE IT IS.


SHADY! I love that robo-kitty-wolf. Did these back home. She's doin' some Three Stooges stuff 'cause NQN said she learns stuff from watching TV and it reminded me of...another robot. ;)

GAH! That was a pretty huge update. My bad for not updating so often. Enjoy anyway!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

'Nother Huge Update

I'm not very good at remembering to update this thing. Maybe because I'm lazy about scanning sketches...and maybe because life is crazy...hrm. :\

Anywho, on to the show:

Hey! It's the originator of the blog's name! I had some fine-liner pens, and for some reason I wanted to see if I could do something uber-detailed and wanted to draw I ended up doing this. It took daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays. And between you and me...I'm not really happy with it. I Photoshopped out a lot of errors for the web version.

I don't want to explain Bubble Philosophy again. I explained it dozens of times now. So instead, I'll just substitute that with imagining J5 saying: "Why is a soap bubble round?" Oh, K-PAX.

Quickie All Dogs fanart comic thing. One of my silly daydreams, obviously, now poor Charlie can't wind a digital clock. As for the fashion statement line, it's a reference to how he wears either the pocket watch or the collar during both movies so much he looks weird without something around his neck. That, and he wore the pocket watch so darn well!

This was originally just an ink drawing that I did to send to Pan along with more art and other various things (she's seen it already, I couldn't wait for her to see it) but today I didn't want to do the art I was supposed to and coloured this instead. Naughty.

Kinjahz for AiRGuiTaR, for last month's anthrosketchxchnge. I decided it was time for something completely different. And failed. Oh well.

A point of interest for our followers of my webcomic, AntiSocial Commentary. Development of my Aussie roboticist character, Dr. David Macaulky. He looks so weird without the 'stach, even though it kind of makes him look Scottish or something. Weird. He looks much better in the comic, trust me.

Giftart of Vinci from Vinci and Arty. Bottom one is slightly derivative of one of her own drawings, but only not because I drew these during an electrical outage. I just had that picture in mind. In my pictures Vinci tends to look older than Candy makes him look. o.O

Also done during the electrical shortage, Techno the robocoon. She may just be no more as a character, though, which makes me sad. I like her.

May's anthrosketchxchnge drawing, which was a sketch-only round this month, hence the plain pencils. This adorable little fox is called Oha, and she loves the rain. So do I! Let's splash in rain puddles!

Yeah, those are "Come and Follow Me" lyrics in there. :P Bite me.

[Strong Bad]IT'S OVER!!![/Strong Bad]

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Updating for the heck of it

Um...I've been putting off updating because I haven't felt like I've had anything really good to show...then an entire month went by. Um. Oops. So I'll show you what I do have. It's

I did a guest strip for the wonderful comic Count Your Sheep which can be viewed here. (No, not my best drawing or inking ever.) I really love that strip, I really do, and I ended up doodling Lillian and Ship having a little run-in in which Lillian can't resist quoting her favourite fellow living robot. And Ship isn't pleased. As to why Lillian can see Ship...uh...she's alive by mage-magic and CYS has hinted Ship's existence has to do with something fantastic (just what, we don't know) and Lillian should be able to see other magically created beings. Or something. Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Commissioned sketch for Kixota and her sweetheart, who have really awesome designs and were really fun to draw. Not much else more to say about it than I miss having the physical sketch already.

You can't keep a good geek down
No, you can't keep a good geek down
I've been bullied around
Shoved to the ground
I tried a life of coolness
But preferred my Trekkie friends

Art for a possible icon of me and Pan, 'cause Pan has Lillian+Pan=BFF icons and I don't. :( I don't know how well this will translate to 100 x 100, but I'll have a cute picture, anyway, if it doesn't finish.

Speaking of ADGTH...

Guess what character I like.

I mean, really, really like.
These are all really loose and not all that good, but they have character and I think they have a charm to them. Since they're not directly referenced (in fact, the second page was drawn while waiting in a McDonald's in Wal-Mart!) they're a bizarre love child of Bluth and my style, and to be honest I rather wish I can get it perfect, but I suppose I should be happy I'm keeping my style and am keeping Charlie more on-model than the people who did ADGTH2 did. (When buying my ADGTH2 cel, I was VERY picky. I got the one I felt captured the original style most, but I still miss those "moles" on his cheeks and the wrinkles on his nose.)

And my own German Shepherd, Josh, who thankfully can not be mistaken for a Charlie clone. (Although Jerry, my coyote, if drawn in the right style, can, hee.) I think people misinterpret Josh in ASC a lot. He really is a good guy, and even kind of simple. He was thrust into his "landlord" role by his parents who are kind of pushing him into a career of business that he never really showed interest in. Not that he showed interest in any career, he was one of those well-to-do kids who just did whatever mommy and daddy told him was good for him. Who knows what he would've done if he was allowed to pursue whatever interests he wanted to. For some reason I imagine him being the school's quarterback.

Also, I'd like to note that my comic is probably the comic with the most characters that are not a perfect body shape. Ron is dumpy, Josh has a paunch, Dr. David Macaulky, who we'll see soon, is a rather tubby Australian roboticist, Lillian is as Dakota made her (and THAT is rather round) and Syd, who is at a healthy weight, still has quite the figure. Mainly because I like my females to have HIPS, darnit!

Okay that was a weird ramble, but it's been on my mind.

That's all for now. Remember folks: Be excellent to each other.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Another Overdue Update

I got a handful of pictures here, so let's get down to the brass tracks, eh?

My picture for Thrivis for this month's anthrosketchxchnge. Another one? Yep. I'm fond of this one, myself. Much less busy and such. And the colours are nice. I'm reading for spring, yus.

My finished Flash-only commission for C Eagle. Sweet and simple also. And also full of purplish-blue. Huzzah.

Ickle baaaaaaaaaaaby Dakota. Awwwwww. I started this last year, but never finished until now, for some reason only known to ancient astronauts, because I love this drawing very much.

I dunno if my bestester friend Ly watches my art blog, but the majority of these drawings are of him/for him. More stealing Bluth style, but this time because All Dogs Go To Heaven is his favourite movie, and when we used to talk, every time I'd mention pizza he'd yell "UNCLE CHARLIE, PIZZA!" He's been wanting some sort of icon for a while, but couldn't think of what, and I ended up deciding a pizza icon would rock. I also did some other doodles of him in Bluth style (the sadfaced one sucks) and an actual Charlie snuck in at the bottom. I actually really like that little doodle.

Remember last entry I said I tried to do a full-body picture of Oly RRR's Shamy, and failed? Well I tried again, and was fairly successful this time! Yay.

After finishing the ickle hatchling Dakota, I wanted something to draw the rest of the night, and I had the thought, "What if Dakota was a lanky teen before he filled out into the big fluffy gryphon he was today?" And so I started this drawing. The only major difference I see in this is that he really needs to grow into his crest and he doesn't have the rather robust neck and chest that he has as an adult, but I had second thoughts about the "lanky" thing when I considered the build of cougars (Dakota's feline half.) I figure his wings would also have to be a bit bigger, or at least the primaries, as sort of "trainer's feathers" like in real raptors. (Why does Firefox spellcheck tell me "raptors" isn't a word?)

I like drawing feathers.

WOOO. Long post. Until we meet again, wave your freak flag high!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Overdue Update

Eeek! Sorry I didn't update last week! I kinda was hoping I'd do a lot more pictures last week and I ended up kinda putting off posting until I thought I had a nice "batch" of pictures to post. Eh. Well, I only have three to show for the two weeks I haven't posted, but I also did a lot of comics at AntiSocial Commentary as well.

On to the doodles!

I love this one! I did this for the anthrosketchxchnge on ElJays, and we had to include a frog this month for a conservation project. I got a tiger chimera character that enjoyed exploring the woods and creeks...and then this Calvin and Hobbes-ish idea popped into my head. :D I didn't get the style perfect, I got carried away with the background (my brushpen died soon after I did this) and didn't leave as much white as Watterson would've, but I guess it's good I let some of my own artistic tendencies shine through. :) Oh, and since so many people got confused, the colours are digital media (Photoshop.) I used a paper texture on on top of the colours to make it look organic. :)

Ratties! Mostly for Olly R, but I actually do have quite a love for rodents, especially mice and rats. Blame it on a childhood spent reading books like Poppy, The Witches, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, etc. The top sketches were done based off of photos to get a feel for a REAL rat's facial shape, and I realized in the process that the people who designed Remy in Ratatouille weren't veering too far off into stylization when you're considering he's a blue rat. :D (I love that movie, too.) Down at the bottom are doodles of Olly's character Shamy, also just to get a feel for him. I tried a full-body yesterday and kinda failed. :(

Vinci and Arty fanart done during this Sunday's "Ask Arty" show for the artjam. So I did this probably in like, a half hour or so, shading and all, so don't crit too hard. Anyway, a piece of pretty acoustic guitar music was played and we had to draw what came up in our heads. There were no words, and so my mind defaulted to what I usually think of when I think of pretty acoustic guitar music: nature, forests, fall, and lurve. I didn't have to draw Vinci and Arty, but I drew them because at the time I was taking a break from drawing a bunch of my own comics and as I said at the Cakepieces community: "I'm sick of drawing my own stinkburgers."

Lotsa treeeeees in this update. Okay, two pictures with trees. Bite me. :b

I shall return!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fanart. Why is it always fanart?

Well okay only some of this page is fanart, but bleeeeeeeeeeeh, shouldn't be doing it in the first place.

But I'm having so much fun trying to draw Charlie on-model without refrences!

Basically I said tonight "I don't want to draw a comic, I have new comics showing up on TWO websites today, (besides a comic on AntiSocial Commentary my guest strip for Skin Deep went up! Checkitoutcheckitoutcheckitoutcheckitout!) So I goofed off on a page of my sketchbook. Lacey, my dog, really does NOT like me drawing her. At ALL. Every time she saw my eyes on her she got up from lying down. The drawing I got was while she was sitting in front of the couch I was lazing around on and she was watchin' my mom eat peanuts, hopin' for scraps. The drawing of my lovebird, Gypsy barely counts as lifeart because he stayed in that pose for a couple seconds and then I filled in the rest with what I already knew. :b

Then we have some Charlies from All Dogs Go To Heaven because I love rouge conmen (dogs) (I totally crushed on Han Solo as a kid) and then I remembered I wanted to draw some Ethiopian wolves for Oly RRR so I doodled Epik for her. In Bluth style. It's okay, she likes that style. But I dunno if it still looks like Epik. I tried to make him look insane, honest!

Maybe I'll come back with some interesting drawings.