Sunday, May 4, 2008

'Nother Huge Update

I'm not very good at remembering to update this thing. Maybe because I'm lazy about scanning sketches...and maybe because life is crazy...hrm. :\

Anywho, on to the show:

Hey! It's the originator of the blog's name! I had some fine-liner pens, and for some reason I wanted to see if I could do something uber-detailed and wanted to draw I ended up doing this. It took daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays. And between you and me...I'm not really happy with it. I Photoshopped out a lot of errors for the web version.

I don't want to explain Bubble Philosophy again. I explained it dozens of times now. So instead, I'll just substitute that with imagining J5 saying: "Why is a soap bubble round?" Oh, K-PAX.

Quickie All Dogs fanart comic thing. One of my silly daydreams, obviously, now poor Charlie can't wind a digital clock. As for the fashion statement line, it's a reference to how he wears either the pocket watch or the collar during both movies so much he looks weird without something around his neck. That, and he wore the pocket watch so darn well!

This was originally just an ink drawing that I did to send to Pan along with more art and other various things (she's seen it already, I couldn't wait for her to see it) but today I didn't want to do the art I was supposed to and coloured this instead. Naughty.

Kinjahz for AiRGuiTaR, for last month's anthrosketchxchnge. I decided it was time for something completely different. And failed. Oh well.

A point of interest for our followers of my webcomic, AntiSocial Commentary. Development of my Aussie roboticist character, Dr. David Macaulky. He looks so weird without the 'stach, even though it kind of makes him look Scottish or something. Weird. He looks much better in the comic, trust me.

Giftart of Vinci from Vinci and Arty. Bottom one is slightly derivative of one of her own drawings, but only not because I drew these during an electrical outage. I just had that picture in mind. In my pictures Vinci tends to look older than Candy makes him look. o.O

Also done during the electrical shortage, Techno the robocoon. She may just be no more as a character, though, which makes me sad. I like her.

May's anthrosketchxchnge drawing, which was a sketch-only round this month, hence the plain pencils. This adorable little fox is called Oha, and she loves the rain. So do I! Let's splash in rain puddles!

Yeah, those are "Come and Follow Me" lyrics in there. :P Bite me.

[Strong Bad]IT'S OVER!!![/Strong Bad]