Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Overdue Update

Eeek! Sorry I didn't update last week! I kinda was hoping I'd do a lot more pictures last week and I ended up kinda putting off posting until I thought I had a nice "batch" of pictures to post. Eh. Well, I only have three to show for the two weeks I haven't posted, but I also did a lot of comics at AntiSocial Commentary as well.

On to the doodles!

I love this one! I did this for the anthrosketchxchnge on ElJays, and we had to include a frog this month for a conservation project. I got a tiger chimera character that enjoyed exploring the woods and creeks...and then this Calvin and Hobbes-ish idea popped into my head. :D I didn't get the style perfect, I got carried away with the background (my brushpen died soon after I did this) and didn't leave as much white as Watterson would've, but I guess it's good I let some of my own artistic tendencies shine through. :) Oh, and since so many people got confused, the colours are digital media (Photoshop.) I used a paper texture on on top of the colours to make it look organic. :)

Ratties! Mostly for Olly R, but I actually do have quite a love for rodents, especially mice and rats. Blame it on a childhood spent reading books like Poppy, The Witches, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, etc. The top sketches were done based off of photos to get a feel for a REAL rat's facial shape, and I realized in the process that the people who designed Remy in Ratatouille weren't veering too far off into stylization when you're considering he's a blue rat. :D (I love that movie, too.) Down at the bottom are doodles of Olly's character Shamy, also just to get a feel for him. I tried a full-body yesterday and kinda failed. :(

Vinci and Arty fanart done during this Sunday's "Ask Arty" show for the artjam. So I did this probably in like, a half hour or so, shading and all, so don't crit too hard. Anyway, a piece of pretty acoustic guitar music was played and we had to draw what came up in our heads. There were no words, and so my mind defaulted to what I usually think of when I think of pretty acoustic guitar music: nature, forests, fall, and lurve. I didn't have to draw Vinci and Arty, but I drew them because at the time I was taking a break from drawing a bunch of my own comics and as I said at the Cakepieces community: "I'm sick of drawing my own stinkburgers."

Lotsa treeeeees in this update. Okay, two pictures with trees. Bite me. :b

I shall return!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fanart. Why is it always fanart?

Well okay only some of this page is fanart, but bleeeeeeeeeeeh, shouldn't be doing it in the first place.

But I'm having so much fun trying to draw Charlie on-model without refrences!

Basically I said tonight "I don't want to draw a comic, I have new comics showing up on TWO websites today, (besides a comic on AntiSocial Commentary my guest strip for Skin Deep went up! Checkitoutcheckitoutcheckitoutcheckitout!) So I goofed off on a page of my sketchbook. Lacey, my dog, really does NOT like me drawing her. At ALL. Every time she saw my eyes on her she got up from lying down. The drawing I got was while she was sitting in front of the couch I was lazing around on and she was watchin' my mom eat peanuts, hopin' for scraps. The drawing of my lovebird, Gypsy barely counts as lifeart because he stayed in that pose for a couple seconds and then I filled in the rest with what I already knew. :b

Then we have some Charlies from All Dogs Go To Heaven because I love rouge conmen (dogs) (I totally crushed on Han Solo as a kid) and then I remembered I wanted to draw some Ethiopian wolves for Oly RRR so I doodled Epik for her. In Bluth style. It's okay, she likes that style. But I dunno if it still looks like Epik. I tried to make him look insane, honest!

Maybe I'll come back with some interesting drawings.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I is a fangirl

I cannot wait for Pixar's Wall•E. No I cannot. So last night I decided to attack a page of my sketchbook with adorable robots.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, lookit that copyright disclaimer. Isn't it the longest you've ever seen?

Mostly referenced. After the first two drawings I managed to figure out Wall•E. Can't say the same after this, my third time drawing Johnny Five. *shakes fist* (YES third time. I AM A LOOSER. But if you haven't realized that yet, you obviously don't know where I got the official name for this sketchblog.) That's why the drawing in the bottom lefthand corner sucks so much. (Oh, and those are QUESTIONMARKS in Wall•E's non-word balloon. Because I love non-word balloons. But I didn't make an effort to make my handwriting readable on this.)

If robots breathed (hahah I has good grammar) I'd be worried about Lillian throttling Wall•E at the top right.

This is the noise the wild elusive chrome breasted freezy eater makes as it goes about its enviroment: "dorkdorkdorkdorkGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK".


I should uh, stop drawing fanart and draw comics. Or commissions. Uhhhh....yeah.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Birthday arts!

Strangely, I know a lot of people with birthdays on Groundhog's Day. Even one of my younger cousins has a birthday today! Today I decided to scribble up some birthday doodles for some ever-so-awesome and kind artists that I've had the pleasure to talk to from time to time. :>

NAMFROTH!!! One of my greatest artistic inspirations, and just a darn nice and fun person to boot. Sorry if the drawing isn't on model and looks kinda goofy, I know Namdargon has a model sheet somewhere but I couldn't find it.

As for the significance of bees and waterbottles, she'll get it. ;)

If you haven't seen her art, check it out here! Or visit her DeviantArt archive!

SUPERNOVA! HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAY! AND I PROMISE NOT TO CHEW YOUR SOCKS! Okay, enough allusions to Jeff Dunham's "Arguing With Myself". For Novawuff. The "Supernova" pun was what started it all, honestly. Bad, bad, bad blue camerabot!

Funny anatomy again, and I think the scan ate some things from looking at the thumbnail. But werewolves with feathers are FUN!

Nova has a pretty awesome collection of art at her DeviantArt gallery. Including a picture of a really cool sunglassed coyote. I wonder who that is, she's awesome. ;-9

Until next time, fellow Intertubes space travelers, same aesthetic time, same aesthetic channel!