Thursday, June 19, 2008

The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrreee's Jerry!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy, stressed, and working on things that cannot be shown online. Whoops!

Yuki DeKay, a sort of wolfish raccoon thing, for this month's anthrosketchxchnge. She's loud, obnoxious, likes steampunk, and carries a big bloodied bat. What's not to like?

Last sketchbook page for my current sketchbook. Lillian and J5 kinda being...fabulous. Iffin you know what I mean. ;) Why do I torture myself trying to draw J5? I don't knooooooooow. 'Cause drawing complex mechanics is out of my comfort zone and drawing dumb fanart is the only way you can really convince me to do it?

More Dakotaness. Intended to be part of a new LiveJournal userinfo page. INVISIBLE LILLIAN.

Okee mostly the rest of the sketches were done while in St. Louis with my friend Tsunami-Ryuu.

Tsu and I went to the STL Science Center, and they had an exhibit on animatronic movie critters. (ONLY critters, no robits. :( ) We spent the time oohing and awwing and wondering why people would rather do CGI nowadays. Animatronics are SO much cooler. Anyway, they had a werewolf from a movie that apparently died in production, and we got to talking about what would make a good movie werewolf, because while we didn't like the "noble werewolf" furries did, we didn't really like old movie werewolves that looked like bears, or, honestly, really hairy guys. So when heading back to her apartment and I was hanging in her car while she ran an errand, I tried to do my own werewolf. Still very close to a "noble werewolf", but darnit, I like werewolves that look like, well, WOLVES, but I tried to add a more human-like cranium and such.

Don't ask about the pose. Uh...when I draw a werewolf type critter I never know what to do with their "hands". :|

I spent a lot of time at the STL Zoo. Two afternoons, actually. These are obviously ballpoint pen drawings of their birds. Nothing too great, birds are notoriously hard to life draw, but I'll show them anyway. I liked the vulture. He was the only guy who just SAT there for me. Except his head. His head was a typical bird head goin' all around.

(Oh yeah and at the very top those were some cheetahs that were too far away for me to make any real good drawings of.)

Trying to learn what a real wolf looks like. Tsu had a nice coffee table book on wolves so I took it as an opportunity to do some reference sketches. YES THEY ARE PHOTO REFERENCED. And the bottom page of drawings still sucks despite being photo referenced. (Althuogh I like the bottommost study of the wolf face. Trying to learn how the fur lays.) Oh yeah, and there is a coyote in there, GUESS WHICH ONE IT IS.


SHADY! I love that robo-kitty-wolf. Did these back home. She's doin' some Three Stooges stuff 'cause NQN said she learns stuff from watching TV and it reminded me of...another robot. ;)

GAH! That was a pretty huge update. My bad for not updating so often. Enjoy anyway!

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